Glassport on DVD

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Glassport, Pennsylvania Web Site from 1996-2015
is available to order.


Get your own personal copy of the website for your computer.



  • All available history of Glassport in one place.

  • All Glassport High School yearbooks through 1966.

  • Death notices and obituaries of Glassporters from 1997-2015

  • Glassport news articles from 2000-2015

  • All pictures of the week from 1996-2015, plus all future pictures of the week.

  • Plus all other material on the website.

  • Plus other surprises


Cost: $35.00 plus tax.
Shipping is included.

PA Residents Cost: $37.45.
All others $35.00


Send check or money order to:

Richard A. Uher

2013 Country Club Drive

McKeesport, PA 15135-3040


Include your name, mailing address,
phone number, e-mail address.

Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.