Glassport, Pennsylvania

Map of Glassport

Glassport is roughly 16-17 miles south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on the Monongahela river. It is bordered by McKeesport on the north, Port Vue on the northeast, Liberty on the east and Lincoln on the south. It is bordered on the west by the Monongahela river.

Glassport became an independent borough in 1902. The area was named by the U. S. Glass Co. in 1893. Before then, it was known as Pleasant Valley. Before 1902, Glassport was part of Port Vue. Port Vue was part of Lincoln Township until 1892. Previous to 1869, Lincoln Township had been a part of Elizabeth Township.

Click here for the flavor of Glassport in 1976.

The dot on the map labled Glassport is located at latitude N 40o 19.497' and longitude W 79o 53.541'.

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