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Posted October 6, 2013

Would love to talk to anyone who graduated Glassport High School Class of 1941. My name is Ruth (Milligan) Rabico. I was raised at 803 Vermont Avenue. My e-mail address is

Posted March 9, 2011

I am researching the Glassport Odds football team. My grandfather was a member of the odds in the late 20's. His name was Joseph Vozar. He lived in Clairton Pa until his death in the late 70's. I am interested in speaking with anyone that may have known him or has any information on the odds during that time. I also have a photograph of the team from 1929. Any info would be appreciated. Please contact me at

Thank you, Greg Vozar

Posted November 1, 2009

I enjoyed the pictures of the 1958 football team posted November 1 on the Glassport website picture of the week. It brought back many pleasant memories.

I can still identify most of the players. I am curious as to where members of that team are now residing.

Some of them, I know their whereabouts but not many.

If you were a member of the team and know me, send me an email as to your present residency.

My email address is

My wife and I presently reside in Lake Placid, FL but spend our summers in Marblehead, OH.

Sincerely, Carl Zoscak

Posted January 30, 2009

I am researching my family from Glassport. My father was Edwin Stanley Sydeski, known as Legs and sometimes Babe. He worked in the Copperweld for many years. I would appreciate any stories about the family or information about the family tree. My grandfather was John Paul Sydeski and lived in Glassport also. He married Mary Bogush. Her parents were Karol Bogusz and pavlina Petrovska, various name spellings :) ANY information would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks! :) Linda Sydeski

Posted November 20, 2008

Hello to all my Glassport friends; I thought if any of you were interested, I'm alive and well and living in Meadville, Pa.

Some of you may recall that I had two careers. One was in the military. I retired in '91. The other was in radio broadcasting as a DJ.

In the 70's, I knew and worked with some well-known DJ's in the Pittsburgh area. People like Porky Chedwick, Terry Lee and "Mad Mike" Metro. These men were very kind to me and gave me insight to radio. The first man to invite me to a radio station was Dick Smith from Glassport who invited me to come visit him at WMCK (later WIXZ) in McKeesport. I was about 13 at the time and I watched what he was doing and thought to myself; Yeah, this is what I want to do with my life. Dick not only showed me how to do a radio show but had good advice to a young man who was just starting his life.

But I young and had more patriotic guts than brains, I volunteered for the US Army to help my country in Vietnam. I enlisted out of high school in '67.

After four years in the Army, I did Pittsburgh radio for 4yrs. and went to the Navy in '75. As I said before, I retired in '91 after 20yrs service to my country.but radio was always in my blood.

I worked in Meadville, Pa. radio at WMGW from '93 to '96 when the station was sold and the next day got a job driving a taxi in Meadville for 4yrs. My wife died in '99 and I moved to Boston, Ma. for 5yrs. where I drove a cab. Great job and good money.

I moved back to Pa. in April, '07 to be with my parents. So here I am at age 60 and working at COOL 101.7fm in Meadville,Pa., an oldies station. I only have one shift a week on Sunday from 10:00am to 1:00pm but it's a start.

Chuck Burkett <>

Posted September 2, 2008

I just read on the web site that Marilyn Compano passed away. Marilyn was a customer of mine for many years when I did hair in Glassport at Carley's Beauty Shop. She was also a friend, she came to the hospital with me when I went into labor with my last son. She was so sweet to do that, she drove like crazy and gave me comfort at the same time. Her sense of humor and laugh was outstanding. I loved her very much and have thought about her many times over the years.

I send all of her family my love and sympathy. You are in my prayers

Dolly Carley Fayetteville Tn.

Posted July 22, 2008

I'm looking for anyone who might remember my father, Eugene "Sketch" Pasinski. He passed away 5 years ago and I really miss him! It would be fun to hear of any stories from childhood friends or aquaintances.

He was president of the Glassport High Class of 1944 and he lived on Vermont Avenue. He was the only one of his brothers that left Glassport. He moved to WA state in the 1950's. You can email me at if you have any memories of him to share with me.

Sincerely, Leslie "Pasinski" Drury

Posted June 5, 2008

My grandma used to live in Glassport - Her maiden name was Helen Hospodar, she married John Murawski and moved to Cleveland. My great aunt Mary still lives in the area. I am searching for anyone in relation to Helen Hospodar, including her parents...I believe Helen's mother's maiden name was Bokomlasko or something like it.

Please email me at

Rebecca Wilczenski

Posted April 23, 2008

Did anyone know a Marion Crookham who passed away May 2007 in Glassport. If so, could you e-mail me. Thank you.

Diane Thomas

Posted March 26, 2008


Rod Carnahan 903 586 1355

Posted June 6, 2007

Interested in finding relatives of thornton welch family from glassport area - he was a coal miner and died in 1918 - buried at richland hills cemetery in dravosberg -

we can share family data -

Rod Carnahan 903 586 1355

Posted June 6, 2007

My dad duane reese carnahan and his brother thomas fleming carnahan and their dad benjamin reese carnahan all worked at the glass house in glassport for many years - duane would tell me that he never got his first paycheck until age 21 - his dad kept the money from age 15 to age 21. benjamin r carnahan was married to annie c welch - her dad was thornton welch who worked in the coal mines - the carnahans lived at 831 ohio st and my dad lived at 808 vermont st - If anyone out there knew these families - would be great to share information. benjmain and thomas fleming are buried at richland hills in dravosburg as well as benjamin and his wife - annie.

Duane lived at 808 vermont ave in 1939 period and benjamin carnahan lived at 831 ohio in 1931 to 1944 period.

noted also that benjamin r carnahan lived at 639 monogahela glassport in 1920 period

Rod Carnahan


Posted February 27, 2007

Hello, I am a former resident of Glassport, and still have family living there.

I am looking for a kindergarden graduation picture from 1953. We were all in our little white caps and gowns sitting out side 2nd Ward Elem. School. I lost my picture in a house fire several years ago. Some of my fellow graduates, are Kathy Cox, Ralph Johnson, Stephanie Demitroff, and Nancy Cipriani, my niece, but she doesn't have a copy of this picture either.

I now have a grandchild who is in kindergarden and would like to show her a picture of her Grammie when she graduated from kindergarden. I know live in Norvelt, PA, Westmoreland County. My husband Bob and I have 2 daughters, and two grandchildren.

Dottie Cipriani Nagle,

Posted February 4, 2007

I am looking for a lady lock recipe and filling. I lost my original one out here in CA and no one seems to have one as good as the one I got from a friend back in the 70s. If anyone would like to share one that they may have please email me at:


Diane Heldman (previously Diane Schuster)

Posted December 7, 2006


Posted November 13, 2006

Just want to say hello to any who might remember me. I was the secretary for Tony DeJulius when he was president of the Lions Club back in the late 60's I believe. If any who read this know him, please send my regards.

Rev. Raymond G. Feyes Houston, TX.

Posted July 28, 2006

This might be a tough one. It was said my Uncle John Hospodar could swim from Glassport to the Dravosburg Bridge. Born 1907-8 my guest a teenager some were in the 1920 +. is when he could have done this. I have two living cousin in their 80's who have said this. My Hospodar family lived on 625 and 627 Vermont Ave in Glassport. I have found out there are many Hospodar in the Pittsburgh area. I will take any information on any Hospodar family in this area


Posted January 27, 2006

I was just wondering if anyone could please help me with getting a cook book from Glassport ladies. I had gotten one years ago from the ladies with the Catholic Church. It had some of the best recipes in it.

If anyone or group are selling them I sure would love to buy a few.

Thank you so much you can email me at

Dolly Carley

Posted December 17, 2005

I just want to thank some wonderful people from Glassport for such an out pouring of love. I came home after thirty years for a visit and saw the people I knew so many years ago. It was a great time of going over old memories and we made some new ones. Thank you Ricky Kop. and his dear mother Sophie. Thanks to Danny Pav. for his time he spent with me. Two of the greatest guys my son Joe grew up with. Thanks to Louise Tacik, Mary Will, Annie Pasinski and Kathy Piekut all dear friends. I loved every moment I spent with them. I give them all and open invitation to come on down to Fayetteville Tn. so I can show them if I could half the great time I had with them. I love you all .

Thanks So Much

Dolly Carley

Posted September 23, 2005

If your're looking for a good book on the early history of Western Pennsylvania, then you might enyoy one called "CROSSROADS". I picked it up at the book store at Ft Necessity. It has some first person accounts of early life in Western PA. I especially enjoyed reading about the battle that took place at present day Bradock. ( Gen. Bradock was mortally wounded there and a young Danial Boone and George Washington were also there.)

Ken Michaels -

Posted September 6, 2005

Looking for pictures and stories/memories of the Sons of Italy - Feast of the Assumption from 49 years ago til present.

The SOI is planning their 50th anniversary next year, and would like the people to participate with any pictures and stories that they remember about the Feast of the Assumption.

You can e-mail your pictures or stories to: Tina Campano Farine or mail them to: 503 Arbor Lane, Pgh, PA 15236

Posted August 26, 2005

While watching the 1992 Jerimy Irons film "Waterland" which was shot on location in both Pittsburgh and England, I believe that I saw a scene at the end of the movie, shot in front of the Glassport Football stadium. Is this true? Please respond to:

Nick Frobouck

Posted June 30, 2005

Thank you so very much to Baldy Marsico and Lisa Martino Kurka for your generous donations to the fundraiser I am participating in in memory of my so very missed brother, Nicky. Your donations is greatly appreciated by me and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Chris (Rabickow) Lentz

Posted May 29, 2005

I read the book "Dances with Luigi" by Paul Paolicelli from Clairton Pa that you had previously mentioned on your site about the history of the area. I highly recommend the book to anyone interested in tracing down the magnificant stories about their ancestors that are waiting to be discovered and documented. Paul writes about his Italian family genealogy search and the historical events that his ancestors participated in and endured. Paul documents the daily occurrences that eventually answered all of the burning questions he didn't ask his grandparents when he was young. As an adult Paul was able to track down and verify the vaguely remembered family stories told to him in his youth. Paul not only traced the basis of these stories but uncovered long forgotten family secrets on his 3 year oddessy living in italy.

I would be interested in learning about any literature i.e. books , articles, etc. about the Glassport/western Pennsylvania area related to tracing family stories, especially Italian.

Richard Paoletti

Posted May 13, 2005

I was wondering if anyone remembers when the Dari-delite had that sign up on the building that had that big huge ice cream cone. If so, does anyone have a picture? I think it would make a perfect picture of the week.

Dodi Kellerman

Posted May 10, 2005

To anyone involved in organizing the Glassport High School class of '66 reunion. I moved from Glassport while in the 5th grade, but would love to attend the next reunion to see some of my old classmates. I am Edwin (Ed) Pater. I can be reached at Title your response, 'Glassport Reunion' so the message is not accidentally deleted in junk mail. Thanks, and looking forward to hearing from someone.

Posted April 21, 2005

Chris (Rabickow) Lentz, a former Glassporter will be participating in a 20-mile overnight walk in Chicago this July sponsored by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in rememberance of her brother, Nicky Rabickow, also a former Glassporter, who died on June 12, 2002. All donations are 100% tax deductible. If anyone would like to make a donation, they can go to to her website - Chris Wallace Lentz, or you can send a donation check, made payable to AFSP to Chris at 10 South 19th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203-1878.

Any questions, you can contact

Chris at

Posted April 20, 2005

Would anyone know of the Archbishop of Detroit, Adam Cardinal Maida's ties to Glassport? My mom, Theresa Kurta (Zyra) told me a few years ago that her mother Maryanna was friends with his mom. I'm not sure of all of the facts, but I'm pretty sure he's got some ties to Glassport. I'd try to contact him, but he's busy electing a Pope. Thanks,

Frank Kurta

Posted April 16, 2005

This message is for Marlene who contacted me by phone about the Mraz family tree. I see that my email address is wrong on this website, so I've asked for it to be corrected. Please feel free to contact me anytime. I'll call the number you left on my answering machine - it will be fun talking to you!

April Mraz

Posted March 28, 2005

Thanks to Richard Paoletti for his recommendation on the book "Out of this Furnace". It is excellent and available for as little as $3.00 plus shipping on

For those interested in other Western Pennsylvania type books, I recommend Baker Towers by Jennifer Haigh. It's a novel about a Western Pennsylvania coal mining town in the years following WW 2. It's filled with Firemen's Parades, Polish Hill and "go upstairs and red up your room". Also available on

Charles "Eddie" Davis

Posted March 27, 2005

I've been reading and enjoying the stories about Nanny Goat Hill and the coal mines.

Since I've always been interested in in the mines in the local area, I've got a couple questions. Does anybody know anything about mines called "Wargo's", "Raszewski's", and "Granger's". I'm assuming they were in the Red Row/ Nanny Goat Hill area, but don't know a specific location.

Also, a 1928 state geologic atlas lists "Green's" and "Blackburn's" mines in Glassport - but again, no specific location is given. Could they have been between Detroit Hollow and 7th St. below Pacific? I'm told there was a coal tipple at the top of 7th St. in the old days. And speaking of Detroit Hollow, does anyone have any info on "Rushe's" mine, which was in that neck of the woods?

I've got some interesting info on the old Robbins mine which was at the dump in the 1880's, as soon as I locate it, I'll post it.

John Barna

Posted March 10, 2005

I am reading a fantastic book that was published in 1941 about the life of the steelworkers in Braddock, Homestead, Duquesne and McKeesport. The time period is 3 generations of a family starting in 1881 and ending in 1920.

The book clairifies many of the issues that the web-site readers express about the derivation of terms in use today in the area and the customs of the present mon valley residents. The name of the book and author, for anyone interested in buying it or checking it out of the library follows: "Out of This Furnace" by Thomas Bell.

I recommend this book for all interested in learning about the Robber Barons of that era i.e. Carnegie and the Mellons, and the hardships endured by the steel workers families and the Blast Furnace Gang. This book has been forgotten for many years and has just recently been rereleased, hopefully it will become a movie since it is a masterpiece on the mon valley history and the steel industry in particular.

This book can become for many of the younger generation in the mon valley who haden't experienced the mill, a history lesson.

Richard Paoletti

Posted January 31, 2005

I posted a few years back for Jan Kass and Jimmy's phone number. Someone was kind to answer and send it to me. I did get intouch with her and we talked several times. I lost the number and would love to have it again. I was her friend and neighbor for many years on Indiana ave Glassport. We moved to Tenn. over 26 years ago. Please if any one knows her phone number e-mail me.

Thank you

Dolly Carley <>

Posted September 13, 2004

Bob and Stella Lokash formerly of Red Row in Glassport are visiting other Glassporters in San Diego, California. While there Bob and Stella had dinner in Laguna Beach with Richard Paoletti (former Red Rower) who now lives in San Pedro, California. They had a great time at the Laguna Art Festival and had time to reminise about the "good-old-days". Bob and Stella will be visiting Yosemite National Park before returning to Pennsylvania.

Richard Paoletti

Posted August 31, 2004

interested in finding relatives of thornton welch family from glassport area - he was a coal miner and died in 1918 - buried at richland hills cemetery in dravosberg -

we can share family data -

Rod Carnahan 903 586 1355

Posted August 23, 2004

Thanks to everyone who donated their time for making the Feast of the Assumption such a great success last weekend! Also, and everyone who attended the festivities we could not have done this without your support.

Tina Campano Farine

Posted August 14, 2004

I am planning on doing research on my house in the fall. I was hoping maybe someone had some info..........past owners, pictures, etc. The address is 405 Ohio. I know only that in 1930 a Hugh and Christianna McChain are recorded in the phone directory as living here. They are buried in the cemetery over in dravosburg. If you have any info at all, please email me. THANKS!

Dodi & Ron Kellerman

Posted June 25, 2004

Lou D'Angelo, former Glassporter, has recently published a book titled, "The Granger Brothers: In Their Own Words", (Infinity Publishing 2004) a story that describes the battlefield experiences of two Pennsylvania brothers who volunteered and fought together as Union soldiers during the US Civil War. Lou graduated from the University of Maryland Law School. He is on the Board of Directors for the Northern Allegheny County Chamber of Commerce, the Board of Advisors for Enterprise Bank, a coach with the charitable organization Athletes Helping Athletes, a volunteer with the American Cancer Society and the Leukemia Society, a member of the Hampton Rotary, and a member of the Greater Pittsburgh Civil War Roundtable. The D'Angelo's (Lou, his wife Mary and their three daughters) live in Allison Park in the North Hills.

You can purchase a copy of this book @

Submitted by Lou D'Angelo

Posted June 18, 2004

This is a recipe request. My mother used to make something she called "Cherry cake". It wasn't really very cakey at all, but it had a dough that was pressed into the bottom of a baking pan and then canned cherry pie filling was put on top of that. She'd cut it into squares. It was very good and I remember loving it when I was a little girl. Also, my grandmother made something called "apple cake" but it was more like an apple pie that was made in a baking pan rather than a pie pan. It had densely packed apples in it and she would cut it into squares. If anyone knows what I'm talking about, and if you have a recipe for either of those desserts, would you please send them to me? My mother and grandmother are no longer with us to share their recipes. Thank you to all who respond!

April Mraz

Posted June 1, 2004

George Gorun, who was a teacher at Glassport High School for many years (1943-1966) and who contributed much to this web page, is in a personal care home in McKeesport. Many of the visitors to this web page had George as a teacher or knew of him.

His state of mind is one of depression. Many will want to send him greetings either by mail, phone, e-mail or a personal visit. Since George does not have e-mail. Tom Lapsley, who is a good friend of George, does have an e-mail address and will take any e-mails to George.

Here's the information:

George Gorun
Senior Care Plaza
Rm 111
624 Lysle Blvd.
McKeesport, PA 15132
Ph. (412) 672-7350
Tom Lapsley's e-mail address:

Posted May 30, 2004

Greetings to All Glassporters past and present:

I would like to have it come to everyone's attention that the Glassport Pool will not be opening this year, due to lack of funding.

I had heard a story about the land on which the pool is home. The story goes that a woman donated the land to the Borough of Glassport [For the Children]. The Borough at some point someone had vision to build a pool for the children. What better way to let them have a wonderful time and also keep them out of the dangerous river.

I would like to appeal to all of you Past and Present Glassporters If you would be so very kind as to send a donation to the Borough Building, making sure that you state very clearly that the money is to be used to open the Pool, and if they don't open it, you do not want them to cash your check.

I can't imagine what the children are going to do without the Pool. Well, actually I can imagine...some will swim in the Monongahela River. Some may drown.

Thanks for your ear, Mrs Pamela Stetor

Posted May 4, 2004

I would like to say THANK YOU to Mr. Steve Oley for sending me photos of Glassport Swimming Pool to add to my Glassport photo collection. Kindness and generosity like Steve's is what makes this world a better place! Thanks again Steve!!!

April Mraz

Posted October 25, 2003

Looking for the whereabouts of Douglas Jefferson or any relatives of his in Glassport or surrounding areas.

Please email us at . Thanks! Vikki Maksin

Posted October 24, 2003

I am interested in contact with anyone with knowledge of any McClure, Caughey, or Griffin families that may have lived in Glassport (specifically) "Otto" between 1900 -- 1950. I am also interested in any "black" families, (that lived there), and also specifically by the last name of "Cashman".

Any information would be appreciated. --- Please respond to Cynthia Trimble:

Posted September 15, 2003

I need any photos (old or new) of the Glassport Swimming Pool to make my photo collection of Glassport complete. I have such fond memories of spending my summer days at the pool as a kid, and I have no pictures of it! Also, if anyone has any photos of the old "candy stores" like Milligan's, Corky's, Fuzzy's, or Tacik's, I'd sure like those too! If anyone has any pictures that you can share, please email them to me at . If you don't have a way to scan and email pictures to me, please email me anyway, I'll give you my address, and maybe we can work something out by mail. I would take care to return your photos in perfect condition. Thanks to all who can help!! April Mraz

Posted July 24, 2003

Looking for information on any class of "55 graduates.

Have been out of touch for years.

E mail me at

Thanks, Marsha Laird Roush

Posted June 19, 2003

The Ladies Auxiliary to RHC#2 has compiled a cookbook to commemorate the anniversary. It contains 171 recipes and is in a three-ring loose leaf binder. You can remove pages to make copies and you can add pages containing your own recipe. The cover is padded vinyl which makes it washsable. There is a beautiful dedication to our firefighters, a history of the company, various cooking hints and a nostalgic picture on each divider page. The cost is $10.00 plus $4.00 shipping. You can place orders at or send checks to: Ladies Auxiliary, P.O. Box 324, Glassport, PA 15045 or call me at 412-673-3057.

We're also looking for family and friends of deceased members. We're having a memorial service Friday, Sept. 5th at 6:00pm at the Honor Roll in Glassport. Deceased members will be recognized at this service. If you have information to share with us you can use the above address and phone number.

Posted June 9, 2003

I came across the photos of students from Glassport H.S. killed in WW II and noticed George T. Dolnak. In doing genealogical research of the Dolnack family, I have been given the following account of the loss of my cousin, Lt. George T. Dolnack during WW II.

Lt. George T. Dolnack served with the 5th U.S. Airforce, 22nd Bombardment Group, known as the "Red Raiders". He was a bombardier aboard 'Yankee Girl', a B-24 Liberator, when it disappeared in bad weather while returning from a successful strike on General Yamashita's Headquarters at Baguio, Luzon, Phillippine Islands. Also lost were Lt. Donald R. Johnson, Pilot: Lt. Earl E. Ellsworth, co-pilot: Lt. Harry Richmond, navigator; T/Sgt Clyde H. Hurst, engineer;: Sgt Charles W. Wells, radio operator; and Corporals Arthur J. Frigerio, Walter B. Bailet, Jr., James P. Ward, and Gene G. Barnes all gunners.

The following account was provide by Charlie Mason, 2nd Squadron, 22 Bomb Group: January 23, 1945

"During the return from a successful Group mission to bomb Gen. Yamashita's Headquarters in the center of the Philippine summer capitol at Bagiou, Luzon, five planes in the 33rd Squadron formation encounteredbad weather at 9000 feet over the east coast of the island of Leyte.Leading the second flight, B-24J-185 #44-40916, nicknamed YANKEE GAL, pulled away form its wingman for safety, then entered the clouds at about 1335 hours, where heavy rain and considerable turbulence were encountered. The other four planes let down through the weather and broke clear about 15 minutes later at 500 feet over the waters of Leyte Gulf. YANKEE GAL was nowhere to be seen. The other aircraft landed safely at Guiam Air Strip, Samar, about 1430 hours. Intensive search efforts the next day turned up no sign of the crew and all were later declared dead. Dolnack, 2nd Lt. George T. was listed on that flight as the bombadier of that crew."

Charlie Mason 2nd Squadron, 22nd Bomb Group e-mail: <>

Note: William L. Beigel at provides research services for downed WW II aircraft.

His email address is:

I have heard from a family member that the plane's wreckage was found in 1955 and the dogtags of the crew members were recovered. However, I have no confirmation of this.

Our family name was originally spelled Dolnak (Slovak spelling). When the country came under Austrian-Hungarian rule, the name was Maygarized to Dolnyak. All parish records I have looked at use this spelling. In the U.S. the name was spelled Dolnack. The cemetery in the ancestral village of Pticie, Slovakia has headstones bearing the Dolnak surname.

George Dolnack <>

Gap, PA

Posted May 18, 2003

My parents and Grandparents were from Glassport. I remember as a child visiting there. I am looking for stories of my parents or Grandparents. I have recently developed a sense of curiosity of my family's past life and would love to hear stories from anyone who knew them. My mother's name was Mary Alice Quinn (dob - 8-20-36) from 134 Ohio Avenue, her parents were Roy and Elizabeth Quinn. My father's name is Paul Charles Dulac (dob - 5-28-24) from Indiana Avenue, his parents names were Paul and Anna Dulac. I see Lenny Dulac's name mentioned alot, he was my uncle, I remember going to his funeral about 20 years ago, but never knew him. Can anyone help me? You can e-mail me at Thank you for any help you can provide. Kathy

Posted February 8, 2003

All of the people listed below, spent all or a major part of their lives in Glassport, Pa.

Margaret H. Wagner, 608 Eighth St., Glassport, PA died Jan 25, 1998

Dennis Zeleznik of Pleasant Hills, age 59,died May 3, 1999 (he is the son of the following:)

George Zeleznik of Pleasant Hills, formerly of Glassport, Pa died May 13, 1972

Sophia Petros Zeleznik of Pleasant Hills, formerly of Glassport, Pa died July 12,l994 (wife of George Zeleznik). They both lived at 707 Indiana Ave., Glassport, Pa for many years, and also at 504 Monongahela Ave. for 10 years

Anthony J. Wagner, 614 Eighth St., Glassport, Pa. died Sept. 15, 1991.

All of the above had funeral services at Wojciechowski Funeral Home on Vermont and Seventh St., Glassport, Pa.

Sincerely, Florence Zeleznik Wagner

Date Posted January 14, 2003

I am looking for a Mary Anna Piotrowski from Glassport Pa. She died about 1915 and is buried in Glassport. I think she was catholic. Could anyone tell me what cemetery she might be buried in, if she is buried alone or next to her husband? What his name is? or any other info that could possible help me in tracing my family tree. Sincerely Marlene Hardman

Contact me at or

Date Posted January 10, 2003

I'm looking for Arliss Case Donald M.A.F, last known address was 516 Old Course Dr., Friends Wood, TX 77546. Were having a 50th class reunion - class of 1953 this year and hope you may be able to help locate her. We graduated from Glassport Hight School.

Thank you, Louise Bonner

Date Posted January 7, 2003

To who it may concern,

I am searching for information on the class of '46 reunions. Please send me some information on my class.

Thank you very much.

Marilyn Kiddon

Date Posted December 20, 2002

I am looking for information regarding a BILL McCLURE, believed to be the son of James H. & Mary E. McClure, (residents of Glassport).

Bill graduated high school 1938, and college in 1942/?, He would be about 80 yrs old now. And, If he is no-longer living, then I'd love to talk to any siblings, (other relatives), or descendants of his.

Any information would be appreciated. --- Please respond to Cynthia Trimble:

Date Posted August 5, 2002

I am looking for any info. on these former residents of Glassport, PA (or their desendants).

(a) Robert H. Caughey, or

(b) Henry H. Hunt & Jennie Hunt, or Caroline T. Hunt, or

(c) Mary E. Griffin (aka: Mary E. McClure), or

(d) James H. McClure

Any information would be appreciated. --- Please respond to Cynthia Trimble:

Date Posted April 29, 2002

I graduated in 1974 and have often wondered about my old schoolmates. I was good friends with Nancy Zarski, Mary Lou Tarli, Mary Sue Danko, and Peggy Wagner. If anyone knows how I can get in touch with them and say hello, please contact me. Thanks! April Mraz

Date Posted March 30, 2002

I'm looking for Diane Cornman from Lincoln Boro. She was a South Allegheny grad. in 1970. We were good friends and lost touch with one another years ago. Does anyone know of her whereabouts?

Denice Johnson--Glassport

Date Posted March 26, 2002

I lived in Glassport 17 yrs. Grad. in 1953 from GHS. I am interested in who will be attending the reunion in June at Seven Spgs


Date Posted February 27, 2002

I am looking for information about Rich Katchmarik, Coach in 1962 at Glassport High. I am starting to research my last name, and thought that I had found most everyone with my unusual last name. If anyone can get me any kind of information, I would really appreciate it! Thanks a million!

Geoff Katchmarik

Date Posted February 22, 2002

I am writing a family history for the Gribschaw family. There are two questions that maybe someone from Glassport might be able to answer for me: 1) John Gribschaw was a Health Officer for Glassport. What exactly is a Health Officer? What were the years in which Glassport would have had a Health Officer. 2) John Gribschaw ran for the Office of Tax Collector, but was defeated in his attempts. Where could I find out information about these elections that would have taken place in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s?

Steve Gribschaw

Date Posted February 13, 2002

I am looking for information on the Homolak family of Glassport, Pa. I noticed that in a few directories from the 1920's and 1930's there were several Homolak's that lived at 522 Vermont Street. My family originally came from Lucenec, Slovakia to Pa (somewhere around the Pittsburgh area) and then to Oh. The name Homolak is not a common name. Any Information would be greatly appreciated.

C.D. Caraffi.

Date Posted January 27, 2002

I am seeking info on a Harry Lynch and wife Isabel (formerly Griffiths) The couple were living in Glassport in 1918. Can anyone help me. Regards, Richard Griffiths

Date Posted December 30, 2001

I am looking for any information regarding the descendents of Helen Bell (Maceyko). I know she had two living children, Michael Bell, and Iris Eileen Bell. Helen last lived in Glassport. My name is Wendy Maceyko and these children are my cousins.

Date Posted December 5, 2001

ATTENTION....For those of you who also visit my Glassport website, I must inform you that it no longer exists. Due to the recent bankruptcy of my webhost, all my websites, including the Glassport Pa. site, have been lost. Although I have back-up copies of all the pages, I have no hosting service. I am looking into the possibility of re-launching the sites in the future after I get my own domain. I want to thank you all for visiting my sites and I am saddened that this has happened. I also want to thank Richard Uher for his cooperation now and in the past. He has a great site here and it was this site that inspired me to make up my Glassport pages.

If you have questions, you can reach me at my new email address:

Date Posted October 13, 2001

I am looking for any information on the "Jones" family from Glassport. My grandfather was Leon Jones, greatgrandfather was Hillary"Pappy" Jones. Hillary is listed in the 1920 Glassport directory living at 704 6th Street. I was told that Hillary was a doorman for years for the "Eagles" Club. And was active in the Salvation Army. Any information would be helpful.

Thanks, Linda Grelles

Date Posted September 14, 2001

I am writing to you on behalf of my mother, Lois F. Sechrist, of 314 Ohio Avenue in Glassport.(412-678-6965)

She would like to know if Glassporters, and others in the Mon Valley, would like to place blue lights in their windows in honor of the rescue forces at work in New York, here at the Pentagon, and back home in Somerset. It would be a tangible response for the community, and a way for those unable to donate blood to show support.

If you can publicize this in any way, I know my mother would appreciate it.


Bruce D. Sechrist

Date Posted July 23, 2001

My name is Ed Pater. I am the son of Regis John and Margaret A. (Zoltun) Pater. I am conducting a genealogy study on the Pater name and can find little information about my grandfather Stephen J. (John?) Pater. Possibly some helpful clues; he lived at 708 Indiana Ave and operated a market at 510 Monongahela Ave with Joseph Pater in the 20's. Was also Glassport Police Chief (probably in 20's). And later lived at 727 Indiana Ave (1927).

The smallest bit of information that you could take time to provide, would be greatly appreciated. I can be reached at...

Date posted July 6, 2001

We are trying to locate Donna White, daughter of Joan Belusar White who lived at 610 Vermont avenue. They were next door neighbors. We recently learned that big Donna died in 1999. We would like to contact her daughter, if possible. Any information would be appreciated.

Ralph Dudley

Date Posted June 30, 2001 

Missing Classmates from GHS'61.
Bob Brysh
Gerry Bach Richards
Gloria Zeback Garner
Harry Lewis
Eleanor Mauzer Little
Patty McBride Naples
Bob Pitkins
Tom Poe
Alex Scklan

Please e-mail me if anyone knows where any of these people are. Dena Chottiner

Date Posted May 20, 2001

I'm doing genealogy research on my wife's family, many of whom lived in Glassport and McKeesport beginning in the late 1800s or early 1900s. The family names are Scello, Budka, Mizer (or Maizer or Majzer), Chrillo, Cirricione, Sorci, Sieroski (or Sierocki).

A brief history: My wife's grandparents, Phil Scello (son of Tony and Rose (Cirricione) (Scello - first husband) Chrillo (second husband) and Josephine Mizer (daughter of Frances and Ursula (Budka) (Mizer - first husband) Sierocki (second husband)), were married on November 25, 1937 in St. Cecilia's Church in Glassport. The wedding was officiated by Reverend Patrick J. Fenton of McKeesport. Phil was from McKeesport, and Josephine was from Glassport. Phil Scello was a boxer in the 1920s (and got a fair amount of coverage in the McKeesport Daily News - we have a nice scrapbook of his clippings), and eventually worked as a Constable in McKeesport. Josephine was living at 322 Erie Avenue with her mother, Ursula, and Ursula's 2nd husband whose last name was Sieroski (or Sierocki). (I got some of this information from the Allegheny County Register of Wills (, which is a GREAT source of family history information like Marriage License Applications, and Birth and Death Certificates.)

If anyone has any information regarding these family names, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks, Sean Reid

Date Posted May 18, 2001

I am doing genealogy research on my family CAMPBELL. They are all buried in Richland Cemetery in Dravosburg. Irene CAMPBELL married Harry KASS. Does anyone know of them? Is the cemetery on-line? Thanks in advance Ruth R. in Virginia

Date Posted 5/15/2001

i am looking for Gary reese who is married to Carrie Willard they live close to the stadium restaurant i went to school with them in the early 80s and will be coming back next month and would like to see them before i leave any information would be greatly appreciated thanks

pugsly keven mccord

Date Posted 4/8/2001

My daughter Jill Bosich has been a member of the United States Culinary Olympic Team for eight years. She won a gold medal in Germany at the 2000 Culinary Olympics. She is a Dean of Culinard, Culinary College, in Birmingham, Al. Glassport has a gold medal winner....Bob Bosich(GHS58)

Date Posted 3/13/2001

I'm Harry "Lefty" Kalbaugh's (played baseball at GHS pre WW2 and went on to play for the Washington Senators) Grand-Nephew. I'm hoping to find more information about him. His immediate descendants (my mother and aunt, namely) have no memoribilia or information about him. We would love to know more about him!

Please contact me at

Date Posted 3/4/2001

I am a resident of Fox, Alaska, (near Fairbanks) which is in the interior of Alaska and is known for it's past and present mining of gold ore. I am in possession of an axehead that I'm trying to date and determine value. So far, I have discovered that it was manufactured in Glassport, PA. I have discovered, via the web info that the American Ax and Tool Company in Glassport, PA was founded around this time.

The head appears to have a patent application date of 1900 stamped into it. It also has a "W" type indentation forged into the flat part of the head. The head is approx. 6" X 2 3/4" and the top tapers up to the cutting edge, which is actually in quite good condition. I would appreciate some information on this axehead, such as: length of time this particular head was manufactured and to determine age and perhaps value.

Skip from Sunny Fox Alaska

Date Posted 2/24/2001

My grandmother was Rhoda Kurta who lived on Ohio Ave. Recently, I came into possession of a large old photo of a young woman & on the back it says "Elma Maki". I was wondering if it was a neighbor or friends & if her relatives might like it. Just let me know!

Also, if anyone has information on the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad out of Glassport or the Spanbauer family from same, I'd sure appreciate it.

Thanks! - Jeff Spanbauer

Date Posted 2/14/2001

I'm looking for info on people who supposedly lived at 633 Indiana Ave. (upstairs from from John "Duffy" and Ida Murawski around 1930 or so) Their name was something that sounded like S I E S K I, not sure of the spelling. First names were Frank and Adam, they were brothers. Frank was thin, Adam was "rotund". Adam may also have lived in Monessen for a time . There was also a young girl named either Regina or Virginia who is somehow connected with them. I don't know what ever happened to them or when. Any help greatly appreciated.

John Barna. Reply to

Date Posted 2/11/2001

Seeking Mary TARLE who did not graduate from GHS as she was in the convent at that time. I knew her there and would like to get in touch with her. She lived in Glassport in the 1940 - 1950's. Her siblings might still be there.

Cora Ott

Date Posted 1/15/2001

Last week I received a telephone message from someone who asked if I was from Glassport. Unfortunately, the tape ran out during this message and this was the only part of the message that I was able to retreive. I apologize for not being able to respond as my wife and I would have enjoyed seeing or hearing from this person.

If anyone knows of anyone who was visiting San Diego last week or otherwise may have been trying to contact me, please respond to

Ken Deremer

Date Posted 1/14/2001

Subject: Jan Kass

I would like to know if any one could tell me how to get intouch with Jan Kass from glassport Pa. She used to live on Indiania ave and I heard she moved. We were neighbors 21yrs ago.

My name is Dolly Carley e-mail address is

Date Posted 1/4/2001

Subject: Joe Pavlischek

Many of you readers probably had my father in law, Joe Pavlischek as a teacher at either Glassport HS or South Allegheny. Joe is living in a nursing home outside of Charleston SC, near where my husband Wayne and I reside. Joe is still alert and has his "different" sense of humor. He would love to hear from anyone who remembers him. You can either write him c/o Wayne Pavlischek; 107 S. Ansel Crossing; Goose Creek, SC 29445 or e-mail me and I will take the note to him and read it to him. my e-mail is Thanks.

Date Posted 11/3/2000

We are trying to locate the mailing address's of the following classmates from GHS/56.

Joan Bartko, Helen Chovan, Judy D'Annunzio Kapuska, Leah Ann Dobos Lapcerid, Ellen Forsysth Phillips, Bill Fullmer, Ted Hoberg, John Howder, Art Kasmarik, Bill Manning, Leo Marshall, Margaret Obranovich, Thersa Petros, and Carmen Spallone.

If anyone can help with a mailing address, or even what town these classmates may live in, your help would be greatly appreciated. If you have any information, please contact the GHS/56 Newsletter at

Thank You Babe Milligan

Date Posted 11/3/2000

Dear Glassport Web Page,Babe Milligan and the GHS E-mail Club, current and former Glassporters;

I am the son of the late Regis J. Pater (Regie to many). I have read your articles about Glassport and surrounding area football and thoroughly enjoyed your accounts. Additionally, I have received several writings and old newspaper articles about my dad through the kindness and generosity of one Chuck Popovich; a former Glassporter who now resides in sunny California. Chuck knew dad and his brothers earlier in life.

I recall that my Dad was very involved in local sports in the forties and fifties, not to mention his glory years with the Glassport Gladiators. I know of many stories dad told the family about his high school and Glassport Odds football days. I could tell from the sound of his voice and the look in his eye that those days were still cherished, and a fond remembrance. He enjoyed reliving them and talked about it through his final years with us. There are names of his team mates I recall yet today just as if they were long lost relatives.

The family sold our house at 337 Monongahela Ave, packed up and moved away in early '59. Not one of us was overjoyed with the thought of leaving Glassport and our relatives behind; especially "Old Rege" (as his three sons lovingly called him probably as much as we called him Dad or Pop). But Shwayder Bros. closed the plant in Pittsburgh and fortunately offered a transfer. Dad thought moving was the best thing to do, so we were on our way to parts unknown.

Getting back to football...I remember dad talking about his high school team and how they "practically lived together". That's why they were so good and so difficult to beat. In Regie's words, "they could look at each other, and know what the other was thinking".

Dad stayed with sports throughout his life. He played a lot of softball in his thirties, forties, and probably early fifties. He coached the Odds, of course. Then became involved in umpiring the industrial softball leagues. "The Murfreesboro News Journal" (the newspaper of our hometown for the last forty years)published a few articles about dad's umpiring, calling him as many did, "Mr.Ump"; and writing great accolades about his sportmanship on and off the field. Dad also enjoyed playing a lot of golf; a sport he renewed his interest in shortly after we moved to Tennessee. After he retired from the Samsonite Corporation with some thirty odd years of faithful service, he took to the golf course in work AND play. He began working for the city as a head marshal and starter at our beautiful 18 hole (soon to be 27 hole)municipal course. He did this for nearly a dozen years until he finally lost his bout with cancer January 9th, 1997.

Dad has left many legacies through the years both on and off the playing field. From his high school years as a rough and tumble 135 lb. center on the Glassport Gladiators, through his years with the Glassport Odds. He coached Midget Football, boxed in the Army;and then took the time to raise three God fearing, successful sons who will never forget, and will always love their father. Brother Terry (Regis Dwight)now lives in Kentucky. Little brother Emory(6'2",210 lbs.)resides in Florida.

Truly a highlight in his life was his induction into the Glassport Sports Hall of Fame in 1983. There he met and befriended none other than Mr. Art Rooney himself. Mr. Rooney was keynote speaker at that event, as I recall. Dad was as excited about the whole affair as a kid with a new toy on Christmas morn. As a matter of fact, we all had a great time. The entire family was there to witness and enjoy the proceedings.

As I wrote in my article to this web site last year, good memories are more valuable than gold; and I have many wonderful memories of Glassport and the people there.

Just thought you might like to hear from an old Glassporter. The son of a long time Glassporter who was a sports fanatic, a promoter of sportsmanship as well as sports, and an all 'round great guy.

P.S. Thanks to all involved in reproducing the picture of dad in this weeks "PICTURE OF THE WEEK".

Kindest regards, Edwin R.(Ed) Pater

Date Posted 4/18/2000

Is there a website that anyone knows about for Port Vue, Liberty, Lincoln or South Allegheny? Also ,does anyone know if SA class of 72 is having a 30th reunion?

Sherry Davis Matola

Date Posted 4/13/2000

I would like to know the whereabouts of: Janet Cooley, Irene Magyar, Debbie Austin, John Buttermore, Lisa Simon, Diana Skiba, Jimmy Schultz, Ralph Evanovich. If anyone knows these people, please let me know Cindy Davis Tauber

Date Posted 3/29/2000

Hi, I currently live at 1113 Ohio Avenue, and have been searching for pictures of this specific area from years ago. I have been a native of Glassport all my life. I know the Gribschaw's lived next door but I am not to sure who lived in my house.

If you could help me that would be great. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank You!

Mary Ann Murin

Date Posted 3/18/2000

In anticipation of the Centenial year for Citizen's Hose Company #1, I am trying to orgainize a scrap book of old photos, newspaper articles and old fire stories. This scrap book will be then put on display during the Western Pa. Firemans Convention to be held here in Glassport in August 2001. Any help would be greatful. Please reply to

Date Posted 1/25/2000

For Genealogy; I'm lookin for any information anyone may have about CAROLINA MIKROT who last known address was for Glassport PA. She was born in 1886 and died in July of 1977. Our family did not know of any other mikrots outside the state of Minnesota. Any information is greatly apperciated.Lisa Mikrot at

Date Posted 1/23/2000

I have been recently sentenced to life in a wheel chair and I have 2 steps to navigate in order to get outta my apt. Soon I will be getting an electric wheel chair and they are heavy. I am in need if lumber so that I might try to build 2 ramps for the 2 steps in front of my apt. Any help would be greatly appriciated. 628 Ohio Ave. Glassport, Pa 15045 Ph. (412)664-0138

Date Posted 1/15/2000

I'm looking for information on a funeral home in Glassport. It is now called Finney's Funeral Home. But, a while ago it was owned by my grandfather,Charles R. Lorenzo. If you have any information about the funeral home or about Charles R. Lorenzo please get back to me.


Date Posted 1/15/2000

Friends of Mike Kurka: Mike is recovering from a very serious broken leg and three surgeries to repair it. If you know Mike and would like to send your get well wishes to him, please mail them to: Mike Kurka, 105 Fern Way, Glassport, PA 15045 Thanks - he will love to hear from you.

Pete Kurka

Date Posted 1/1/2000

For my genealogy and family history project, I am seeking any information on the GRIBSCHAW family. In particluar, my great-grandfather Michael Gribschaw, grandfather John Gribschaw, great-uncles Michael Gribschaw, Frank Gribschaw, Joseph Gribschaw and Andrew Gribschaw and thier respective families. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Stephen J. Gribschaw, Fairfax, Virginia (

Date Posted 11/6/1999

For Genealogy. I'm looking for information on Raszewski family. In particular, Peter and Elizabeth Raszewski and family living at 611 Peach Alley from about 1906 until 1960's. Thanks, Lew Raszewski

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