Glassport, Pennsylvania

This is the history contents page for the town of Glassport, Pennslyvania. The page will be under construction for several months, since it is a volunteer effort.

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·  The Bicentennial History(written in 1976) (Updated with original pictures)

·  History Written in Daily News of June 30, 1934 (This page reproduces the history of Glassport as reported in the stories of the Daily News of June 30, 1934)

·  Glassport Progression 1902-2002 (A short history of Glassport, by Frank Tarli, Sept. 2001)

·  St. Cecelia Church History (Updated with original pictures)

·  Glassport Directory of 1897 (Port Vue directory of 1897-98)

·  Glassport Directory 1910

·  Glassport Directory 1920

·  Glassport Directory 1927

·  Glassport Telephone Directory 1930

·  Major News Events of the Past (Major news events of the past from the media and from witnesses.)

·  Biographies (Biographies and Autobiographies of Glassporters.)

·  Cemeteries (Historical information on two old cemeteries, with the remains of Glassporters)

·  Hollows, Creeks & Coal Mines (Historical information on the hollows, creeks and coal mines in Glassport.)

·  Alleys and Ways (Historical and present day information on the Alleys and Ways of Glassport)

·  Sports History (Sports Histories of Glassport)

·  Glassport Business History (Advertised in the Glahesian 1921-1966)

·  Glassport School District History (Researched by George J. Gorun and Melvin J. Naser)

·  Extracts from Port Vue Centennial 1892-1992 Concerning Glassport

·  Glassport High School Yearbooks (Extracts from the Glahisean of different years)

·  Glassport School Teacher History Project (A project designed to develop histories of Glassport school teachers)

·  Glassporters Killed In World War II (A list of Glassporters, with GHS senior class pictures when available, who were killed in action in WW II)

·  The Beginning of Glassport Borough - (Glassport becomes a separate borough.)

·  Glassport Families (Genealogy and/or stories of Glassport families. Submit yours.)

·  Map of Glassport c.1876

·  Historical Tidbits (Bits and Pieces of Glassport History from various sources)

·  History of Glassport Clubs and Organizations

·  Sammy Blows His Whistle (Biography of Samuel A. Weiss, Congressman, Judge & Glassporter)

·  Historical Odds and Ends

·  History of Reliance Hose Co. No. 2.(by Michael Danko 1978)

·  The Copperweld Steel Company Story (Items of Historical Interest Concerning the Copperweld and Glassport)

·  Daily News Article on Glassport History

Links to Other Websites of Local Historical Interest:

McKeesport Heritage Center (A great place to discover things of bygone McKeesport)

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