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This is an unofficial web site of the town of Glassport, Pennsylvania. It has been in operation since 1996. This site is mostly concerned with the citizens and events of the borough of Glassport both past and present.

This home page for the history web will be updated in the coming weeks. We encourage everyone to submit historical pictures and information about Glassport to this site for publication for the enjoyment of all residents past and present. All ideas are welcome!

As of November 11, 2015 this website is maintained by Mark Kapsha of the Glassport Development Corporation. Any questions or requests for submissions should be directed to Mark at mkapsha@gmail.com

The page will be continuously modified, so please, visit often. The number of visits to the site since counting began on October 11, 1996, and as determined by the system counter, is:


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    Links on the WEB to Glassport:

    Willam Anthony Will Memorial (The first person from Glassport to lose his life in Viet Nam.)

    George Gorun Memorial Award

    Bob's Bar (Contributions to Children's Hospital over the years, Pittsburgh Post Gazette)

    'Angel Man' offers LaBelle smiles for free' (Story about former Glassporter Ted Govola)

    Duo rescues woman from Glassport house fire (Police Officer Nick Caito and Glassport firefighter Ricky Vasquez rescue woman.)

    Glassport E-Mail Club (This was an old fixture on the Glassport Web Page in 2001. One of the first social networks, even before Facebook)

    Glassport Library Future (Pittsburgh Post Gazette Article , October 18, 2007)

    Glassport library closes (Daily News Article on Glassport Library Closing)

    Glassport Fire Departments Future (Pittsburgh Post Gazette Article , October 18, 2007)

    Glassport Reliance Hose closing (Daily News Article on the end of Glassport Reliance Hose Co. No. 2)

    Glassport Fire Company - The Glassport volunteer fire company.

    Glassport tribute to public safety workers (Pittsburgh Post Gazette Article 9/9/2010)

    Glassport Wire (Comprehensive New Feed For Glassport)

    Lou D'Angelo Jr., Marathon Runner From Glassport

    McKeesport Pictures (A collection of old and present day pictures of McKeesport scenes.)

    Mon Valley Providers Council (Glassport is one of the 37 Mon Valley communities served by the organization.)

    Pittsburgh Post Gazette Article on Glassport Web Site (Article on the Website published on Wednesday, December 11, 2002)

    South Allegheny band director follows in mentor's footsteps Pittsburgh Post Gazette (Jessica Humanic)

    The Very Reverend Paul J. Bradley to Oversee Pittsburgh Diocese

    Bishop Paul Bradley to Head Kalamazoo, MI Diocese

    Marge Hanley (Voter Cherishes the Right to Vote)

    Marge Hanley (To Celebrate 100 years)

    You Tube Video on Glassport - Submitted to the Unofficial Website Group on Facebook by Dõdi Montgomery Kellerman, Uploaded by F4Drummergoil on Oct 24, 2011

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